What is Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is a program created by the Federal government in 1964. It is designed to remedy past discrimination in employment and eliminate current and future race and gender discrimination. Affirmative Action at the New Mexico State University promotes race and gender diversity in employment by recruiting qualified women and minorities into the applicant pools.

The New Mexico State University recognizes its responsibility to extend equal employment and educational opportunities to all qualified individuals. This University exists to educate, to conduct research and creative activities, and to perform related services on behalf of the community that supports it. New Mexico State University has a responsibility to its students and to the citizens of the state to actively recruit and hire the best-qualified persons it can, and to do so in the context of its commitment to affirmative action principles and diversity.

In order to meet the University’s commitment to maintain and/or improve workforce diversity, Hiring Officials must show good faith efforts to target recruitment of women and minorities to ensure their representation in the applicant pool regardless of whether the position has a placement goal or not due to underutilization, and to treat all applicants fairly.