How do I Request an ADA Accommodation?

The ADA Accommodation process begins with the employee obtaining a Petition for Accommodation from the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) or the OIE website.  Once the petition has been obtained, the employee (Petitioner) must complete section 1 of the form and submit it to OIE.

The second step in the process involves the employee obtaining a current copy of their job description and/or completion of the Essential Function Questionnaire for their position (Note: The Essential Function Questionnaire must be completed by the employee’s supervisor, or Department/College). The employee must enter their name and address in section 2 of the petition and submit it and the job description or essential function questionnaire to their medical professional. The medical professional must complete section 2 of the petition within 10 working days and submit it directly to OIE via U.S. mail or facsimile.

Once both sections of the petition (Employee & Medical Professional) have been completed and received by OIE, an internal review and processing will begin.

Note: OIE is available to assist petitioners; however, is not responsible for obtaining or requesting completed petitions from employees or their medical professionals.